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About Us


We are small group of volunteers who care about the plant and Food waste first and foremost.  We rescue unused food, end of day surplus, collect supermarket donations and gift to community groups, vulnerable families, care homes and hostels. The idea came about after volunteering for other such like-minded charities that where already doing some amazing work within the community but where struggling to meet demand.  Our background is in health and social care, in Early Years Education and Well-being. These elements and experience will be used at a later date to build a programme of workshops and education around Food, Healthy Eating, Shopping Savvy, Cooking healthy family meals and Well-being.

Why Re:Think?


Why get involved with us?


Because we care. We care about you and the planet. We are passionate about food wastage and reducing the amount that goes to landfill but we also consider the bigger picture. Carbon footprint, healthy choices, reducing food poverty, climate change. All of these are considered with the work that we do in our local community and by our volunteers. We are reliable, consistent and considered. We are non-profit making which means 100% of funding is put into meeting a ever the increasing need for food by local communities and families.

How can you get involved?

You can support us in a Variety of ways. 

Donate - Your time or your money. Whether its personally or part of an organisation or corporate business. Funding is crucial to the work we do.

Drivers - Be a volunteer driver and help collect surplus food or pack and distribute food parcels.

Fundraise - host a bake sale, a sponsored walk, anything to help raise much needed funds.

Raise awareness - talk about what we do, how we help, refer someone you know who needs help. We cant support unless we know.


You can make a referral for someone or yourself here. Please gain their permission before disclosing personal data.

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