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Some of the comments and feedback from the people we have helped

RE:think and the team of wonderful volunteers have supported us massively over the last year.

Post COVID my family struggled financially and with rising food costs we found it difficult to feed a family of 4. Marie was generous with her time and friendly sympathetic ear as well as providing us with the practical help supplying us with food that would have otherwise been wasted.

We have used food banks and relied heavily on charity. RE:Think has been the most accommodating and friendly nonjudgmental service we have used. We can't thank them enough! - From C


And another …


RE:Think have been supporting the Home Educating Community through a Community food box scheme.

With Re:Thinks support we have implemented a way of supplying members of the local community that may otherwise find it difficult to access support.

Each week food has been provided to give the young people and families opportunities to cook on the open fire. The learning opportunities this has enabled has been invaluable. Food waste has been the topic of many conversations and the stigma of food poverty addressed.

Families are invited to help themselves to food to take home if they wish.

The sharing of food can build communities and with the help of RE:think home educating families has felt the benefit of this community support. - from W


And another….


RETHINK has been an incredible support for us and quite a life changing experience, jn all honesty. It has totally changed the way we shop and source our food and, in turn, saved us lots financially! We are a family who are mindful of our impact on our environment and actively try to reduce waste in many aspects of our lives. We enjoy supporting local, small businesses and charities as opposed to big corporate companies. We grow our own food on our allotment and try to choose a more environment friendly lifestyle where possible and practical. Rethink has meant we can eat and share food that would otherwise end in landfill, enabling us to eat healthier, using fresher and more varied foods and save money too. We have become much more flexible with our approach to food choices and availability, which has been a great life lesson to us and the children. We would be lost without it!

- from C&A


Having met RE:think and getting to know their work has changed my approach to groceries.  Our family spend on groceries has reduced because we now pause and think do I need it or do I want it. I am cautious about food waste and realise how my participation in the program is helping the planet with food waste.


RE:think do a tremendous job and she does it amazing with her job, her family and the community. She is a true inspiration. - from A



To whom it may concern,


We have received a large amount of food supplies from RE:think over the last year. The fruit has boosted our supplies that we receive already, so much so that our KS2 children have had the opportunity to eat fruit during their breaktimes. This has helped and supported children that we have that are not able to have as much food as others, due to their home situations.

Other items of food that we have received from RE:think have been placed outside for families to take what they need. This has been much appreciated by many of our families.

We feel that these donations, are an amazing opportunity to help many and also support the food waste recycling. - from Woodton school


We have passed your corner with offers of free food. We have benefitted from the small things like lemon and bananas to make loaf cakes for the kids lunch boxes to keep us going during the week and holidays when they are eating us out of house and home! The bread has been helpful in the freezer for toast breakfasts. Thank you and keep up the fantastic work. It is appreciated. 😀



THANK YOU for doing the food bank it’s been a real blessing.

Unfortunately my dad has lost his job and it’s been a real help to get some food and bread.

We have also taken some food to pass on to others who can’t get to the shop very easily. They have been so grateful with the food bank


We got some flowers when they were out and gave them to a lady who has lupus. It really cheered her up.


Thank you for what you’re doing it’s a real blessing and much appreciated.

The Story

Everyone has a story to tell about why or how they found us. We have received so many lovely comments and thanks for what we do, however there are still so many more families and children out there that are affected by food poverty.


There is so much more we can do. Think about your food purchases, your waste, what you spend and what you need. If you are lucky enough to be in a position to pay it forward and help others please do donate to our cause.


We are a small team of volunteers and the service is run entirely on voluntary donations. Please give what you can so we can help more people and have the impact you see described above.

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