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Planet Before Profit!


Welcome to RE:Think.


We are a charitable organisation that collects end of day surplus from supermarkets and food outlets and redistributes it to save going to landfill.

We are mindful of how much food waste goes to landfill and how this in turn is impacting our planet.

We have a zero waste policy and therefore nothing we collect goes to landfill.

We help those struggling with food parcels, we supply fresh food to school and youth groups and offer educational talks and workshops on healthy eating, nutrition planning, budgeting and family well-being.

Healthy Food
Planet Before Profit

 Re:Think is a non-profit organisation what cares about the Planet and its future. Our mission is to reduce food waste which in turn reduces the amount of food going to landfill that contributes to the impact of climate change and the Ozone layer.

We collect and re-purpose end of the day surplus from food outlets and hospitality venues, using this to provide food parcels and support to families and vulnerable groups


Supporting those in Need

Coming soon! An education programme for schools, early years settings, community groups and families as to how you can help to make it planet before profit.

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