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ARM DS-5 Development Studio.5.20.2

ARM DS-5 Development Studio.5.20.2: A Powerful Tool for Embedded Development

ARM DS-5 Development Studio is a suite of tools for embedded software development on ARM-based platforms. It includes an Eclipse-based IDE, a debugger, a compiler, a performance analyzer, a graphics debugger, and more. It supports a wide range of ARM architectures, from Cortex-A, Cortex-R, and Cortex-M to Mali GPUs and big.LITTLE systems.

ARM DS-5 Development Studio.5.20.2 is the latest version of the toolchain, released in October 2019. It brings several new features and enhancements, such as:

Download Zip:

  • Updated ARM Compiler 6 to version 6.10.1, adding support for latest processors, optimizations and bug fixes.

  • New processor support for Cortex-A76 and Cortex-M35P.

  • Debugger support for CoreSight ELA-600 Embedded Logic Analyzer.

  • Support for Arm Debug Interface version 6 (ADIv6).

  • Support for integration of third party debug probes.

  • Operating System awareness for Keil RTX5.

  • Target system autodetection using ULINK2, ULinkPro (D) and CMSIS-DAP debug probes.

  • Performance improvements when connecting to many core systems.

  • New device support for ARM Musca-A Board, Marvell 88f8040, NXP i.MX8M EVK, Renesas RZ/A2M, Intel Stratix 10 SoC FPGA, Intel Agilex SoC FPGA, and more.

  • Updated Fixed Virtual Platforms (FVPs) to version 11.4.

  • Updated Streamline Performance Analyzer to version 6.7.1, adding support for Cortex-A76, Mali-G76, Mali-G52 and Mali-G31, as well as new features such as capture comparison and merging, hardware counter selection during trace, and non-root support.

  • Updated Mali Graphics Debugger to version 4.9.4, improving full trace replay support and adding support for Vulkan 1.1 and OpenGL ES 3.2.

ARM DS-5 Development Studio has been superseded by Arm Development Studio, Arm's newest and most comprehensive embedded C/C++ toolchain yet. Arm Development Studio builds on top of both Arm DS-5 and Keil MDK, bringing together the best of two worlds: multicore scalability meets enhanced productivity enabled by CMSIS. It also offers new features such as Arm Compiler 6 Professional Edition, which provides additional optimizations and security features for embedded applications.

Arm DS-5 Development Studio continues to be supported by Arm, however, new licenses can only be purchased by existing customers. For more information about migrating to Arm Development Studio, see [DS-5 to Arm Development Studio Migration Guide].

If you are interested in downloading or purchasing ARM DS-5 Development Studio.5.20.2 or Arm Development Studio, visit the [Arm developer website] for more details.


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