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Become an Airline Mogul with AirTycoon 4 APK

Air Tycoon 4 Full Version APK: A Review of the Game and How to Download It

If you are a fan of airline management simulation games, you might have heard of Air Tycoon 4, a popular game that lets you build and manage your own airline empire. In this article, we will review the game features, give you some tips for beginners, and show you how to download the full version apk of Air Tycoon 4.

air tycoon 4 full version apk


What is Air Tycoon 4?

Air Tycoon 4 is a turn-based airline management simulation game that was developed by TRADEGAME Lab Inc. It is based on Air Tycoon Online 2, which is an online multiplayer game that is loved by worldwide players. However, Air Tycoon 4 is a single player game that does not require an internet connection to play.

Basically, Air Tycoon 4 is a demo version that allows you to play for 24 turns from the beginning. If you want to enjoy the full version, you need to buy an in-app in the game. The full version will unlock more features, such as more airplanes, airports, routes, and scenarios.

What are the features of Air Tycoon 4?

Air Tycoon 4 has many features that make it an engaging and realistic game. Here are some of them:

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Customized turn based game by player

You can customize your own game settings, such as the starting year, the number of AI players, the difficulty level, and the currency unit. You can also choose from different scenarios, such as World War II, Cold War, Modern Era, or Future Era.

Play and compete with max 24 AI players

You can play against up to 24 AI players who have different personalities and strategies. You can also see their statistics and rankings on the leaderboard. You can compete with them for market share, profits, reputation, and awards.

Vivid and gorgeous 3D graphics

The game has stunning 3D graphics that show the details of the airplanes, airports, maps, and routes. You can zoom in and out, rotate, and tilt the camera to view different angles. You can also see the weather effects, such as rain, snow, fog, and night.

Various game setting

You can adjust various game settings, such as the speed of the game, the sound effects, the music, the language, and the auto save. You can also save and load your game progress anytime you want.

Include 150 real airplane models and 500 airports world wide

The game has a huge database of real airplane models and airports from around the world. You can choose from different types of airplanes, such as propeller, jet, supersonic, or jumbo. You can also buy and sell used airplanes to save money or make profit. You can manage your fleet and assign them to different routes.

The game also has a realistic map that shows the locations of 500 airports in 160 countries. You can open new routes to connect different cities and regions. You can also upgrade your airports to increase their capacity and efficiency.

Diversified airport and route management

You can manage your airport and route operations in various ways. You can set the fares, the flight frequency, the service level, the cargo load, and the marketing strategy for each route. You can also monitor the demand, the competition, the profitability, and the customer satisfaction of each route.

You can also deal with various events and incidents that affect your airport and route performance, such as strikes, accidents, disasters, wars, terrorism, epidemics, or oil crises. You can take appropriate actions to minimize the negative impacts or take advantage of the opportunities.

Upgradable airplanes and airports

You can upgrade your airplanes and airports to improve their performance and value. You can upgrade the engines, the seats, the fuel tanks, the wings, or the landing gears of your airplanes. You can also upgrade the terminals, the runways, the control towers, or the facilities of your airports.

Buy and sell used airplanes

You can buy and sell used airplanes in the game. You can find bargains or sell your old planes for a good price. You can also trade with other AI players or bid in auctions. Buying and selling used airplanes can help you save money or make profit.

Detailed and various type of map

The game has a detailed and various type of map that shows different information and statistics. You can view the map by region, country, city, airport, or route. You can also view the map by business level, tour level, population, income, or slot. You can zoom in and out or move around the map to see different areas.

Management of passenger and cargo routes

You can manage both passenger and cargo routes in the game. You can set different fares and service levels for passenger and cargo flights. You can also adjust the cargo load according to the demand and supply. You can earn more revenue by transporting both passengers and cargo on your routes.

Historical real time background

The game has a historical real time background that reflects the actual events and situations that happened in different eras. You can experience how the aviation industry changed over time from 1945 to 2030. You can also see how historical events affected the airline business, such as wars, political changes, economic crises, or technological innovations.

No internet connection needed

The game does not require an internet connection to play. You can play it offline anytime and anywhere you want. However, you need an internet connection to download updates or purchase in-app items.

What are some tips for beginners in Air Tycoon 4?

If you are new to Air Tycoon 4, you might find it challenging to start and run a successful airline business. Here are some tips that might help you:

Keep lower than 30% of lease planes

Leasing planes is a good way to save money on buying new planes. However, leasing planes also costs you money on monthly payments and maintenance fees. If you have too many lease planes, you might end up losing money instead of making profit. Therefore, it is advisable to keep lower than 30% of lease planes in your fleet. You can also sell or return your lease planes when you have enough money to buy new planes.

Open a new route at high business/tour level and less (or no) competitive cities

When you open a new route, you should consider the business and tour levels of the cities. The higher the levels, the more demand and revenue you can get from the route. You should also avoid opening routes that have too many competitors, as they will lower your market share and profit margin. You can check the map or the route information to see the business/tour levels and the competitors of each city.

Keep maximize advertisement and service investment

Advertisement and service are two important factors that affect your reputation and customer satisfaction. The higher your reputation and customer satisfaction, the more passengers and cargo you can attract to your routes. Therefore, you should keep maximize your advertisement and service investment for each route. You can also use special items, such as celebrities, events, or campaigns, to boost your advertisement and service effects.

Keep lower level of salary as they are satisfied

Salary is one of the major expenses that you have to pay for your employees, such as pilots, crews, or managers. If you pay too much salary, you will reduce your profit. If you pay too little salary, you will lower your employee satisfaction and performance. Therefore, you should keep a lower level of salary as long as they are satisfied. You can check the employee information to see their salary and satisfaction levels.

Keep the airplane operating at maximum

The airplane operating rate is the percentage of time that your airplanes are flying on your routes. The higher the operating rate, the more revenue and profit you can get from your airplanes. Therefore, you should keep your airplane operating at maximum by assigning them to suitable routes and schedules. You can also use special items,


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