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Curse By The Sea Telenovela 46

Curse By The Sea Telenovela 46: Estrella Marina's Heartbreak

Curse By The Sea is a Mexican telenovela based on the Venezuelan soap opera María del Mar, which aired from 2009 to 2010 on Televisa. The telenovela tells the story of Estrella Marina, a rebellious young dreamer who lives in a small fishing village called Playa Escondida, where she falls in love with Victor Manuel, the rich heir of the land where the village is located. However, their love faces many obstacles and enemies, such as Oriana, the arrogant and hateful daughter of Leon, the powerful and villainous man in town who wants to build a hotel complex on Victor Manuel's land. In this article, we will recap the events of episode 46, where Estrella Marina faces a devastating betrayal from her lover Victor Manuel.


Estrella Marina confronts Victor Manuel

In the previous episode, Victor Manuel was stunned when he found out that Coral, a woman he knew and loved in the past, but whom he thought was dead, was alive and suffering from amnesia. She was found unconscious on the beach after a violent storm, and some people thought of her as a mermaid while others as some sort of a witch. Victor Manuel decided to help her get her memory back, believing he was still in love with her.

In this episode, Estrella Marina is overcome by jealousy when she sees Victor Manuel and Coral together. She confronts him and asks him to choose between them, but he tells her that he cannot abandon Coral in her condition. Estrella Marina feels hurt and betrayed, and decides to leave Playa Escondida with her mother, who needs psychiatric treatment. She moves to the city, where she meets Hernan, a famous psychiatrist who assures her that he can cure Casilda. Hernan falls in love with Estrella Marina and she agrees to be his girlfriend, although she cannot forget Victor Manuel.

Victor Manuel tries to win back Estrella Marina

Meanwhile, Victor Manuel realizes that he made a mistake by letting Estrella Marina go. He tries to contact her, but she refuses to talk to him. He decides to go after her to the city, but he faces many obstacles along the way. Oriana and Leon do everything they can to separate them, telling Estrella Marina that Victor Manuel and Coral are lovers and that they are going to get married. They also try to sabotage Victor Manuel's business and reputation.

Will Victor Manuel be able to win back Estrella Marina's heart? Will Estrella Marina forgive him for his betrayal? Find out in the next episodes of Curse By The Sea, a telenovela full of drama, romance and intrigue.


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