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WhatsApp Gold 2023: The Secret WhatsApp Mod that Gives You More Privacy and Control

First, you need to download WhatsApp Gold apk the latest version against the ban on your phone, and in order to download WhatsApp Gold 2023 you will go to the bottom of the topic and then click on the direct download link Mediafire or through the official website of the developer, and let it be with your information so that you are not deceived From others, you cannot download any modified WhatsApp from official app stores and programs such as the Android store, Google Play, uptodown, or other stores, because the modification of the original green WhatsApp program is not allowed and is not licensed.

The important thing is after you download the gold program, you will install it in the normal way as you do the installation WhatsApp Omar steps that you normally do when you install any apk application, after installing the program on your phone, enter WhatsApp Gold, enter your mobile phone number in the number entry field and it will be sent A text message to him or you can choose the option to call me to activate it, and after he receives it, you will enter the verification code. Note that you cannot activate one number on two devices, but you can use two WhatsApp numbers in one phone using WhatsApp Gold, which allows you to add more than one number in the same application and the same It is better to check your internet connection is good or use another connection sometimes due to poor internet the request to activate your account may not be sent correctly.

whatsapp gold download 2023

If you open a chat with any of your contacts, you can easily delete any of your chats, files, photos, videos, websites, and anything you see in front of you and that you generally look at easily. To do so, press and hold on it and then tap the trash icon at the top of the screen to remove it. , but there is an easier way to view all the photos, videos and files that you send and receive with others at one time and identify them and delete them faster, which is what distinguishes this modified program called WHATSAPP GOLD developed by Abu Arab In order to use this feature you will enter the settings As we knew before, then go to Storage and Data, then Manage Storage Now it will display all chats of others and then select one of the contacts after clicking on it will now display a list of all the photos, videos and files that have been exchanged with this contact and to select which of these items put your finger onone for about one second after that you don't need to hold down your finger to select the next items, just tap the items and beyond only once Change the order in which files are displayed based on the newest, oldest or largest size by clicking on the three horizontal bar icons, and one of the nice features of this option for WhatsApp gold apk 2023 users is that it is also on the storage management page that you can see the size occupied by all Files In addition, this page displays frequently forwarded messages as well as files that are larger than five megabytes and can be easily deleted by selecting them in the same way.

As we mentioned above, you will not find this app on the play store, so whenever the new update comes, you will have to uninstall the old version of WhatsApp gold APK and then download the new version from

It is the updated version of WhatsApp gold with enhanced features, also called King or Crown WhatsApp. The added features make it a foremost choice for users. So, if you want to download this golden version of WhatsApp, choose its most updated version available with Plus Features.

Lastly, the mesmerizing gold themes are the specialties only rendered to this app. Therefore, you can download a great collection of gold themes, thus switching from a greenish WhatsApp to a new golden look.

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WhatsApp Gold updated against the ban, has been long awaited by the users and fans of Golden after the development team encountered many problems in the work of the new version, especially after the temporary ban of these copies have been checked this version and experience very intensely and very accurate on some Watts users The new version includes all the features of Whatsapp and Whatsapp Plus, as well as additional new features, including hiding secret conversations, uploading a video larger than 30 seconds of the case, restoring deleted messages, and more than 20 additional enhanced features previously added. The golden genealogy is characterized by the absence of an advertisement in copying, and there are many features that will be added to whatsapp golden later.

Whatsapp Gold APK 2023 is the Gold MOD of WhatsApp. As I said above WhatsApp is the most popular communication media. So to add more stuff to it Whatsapp Gold APK is developed. It is the modified version of the official WhatsApp. That completely removes the shortcoming presented in official WhatsApp. It gives us more stuff and features than the original WhatsApp. Additionally, they are also including the recent developments presented by the original WhatsApp. Gold WhatsApp 2023 APK is created by Nasser.

So Whatsapp Gold APK 2023 is also a modern WhatsApp MOD version. That has the latest and Supreme stuff and features that feel that you are using the modern one. WhatsApp Gold is the nicest MOD version of the official WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Gold is a decent mod of the official version. There are lots of sites available on the Internet that promise you to give the latest version of WhatsApp Gold APK. But they are not giving the updated version of it. From our site, you will get the direct and latest updated version of Whatsapp Gold APK. We have the 100% working WhatsApp Gold 2023 APK. Furthermore, if you want to know more about the WhatsApp Gold APK then read our post until the finish. Below we gonna share with you the leading features of Whatsapp Gold APK. Also, we are sharing the information regarding the installation of it. So read till the end and know about it.

According to those who have been targeted, a message will drop into your inbox saying a special version of WhatsApp is available. The message reads along the lines of: "Hey, finally Secret WhatsApp golden version has been leaked, This version is used only by big celebrities. Now we can use it too." A link will invite you to download WhatsApp Gold. However, in reality, these links can be riddled with malware that locks you out of your phone or steals valuable personal information.

Exclusively on our WhatsApp Plus website, we offer you the latest official golden WhatsApp ( gold whatsapp) Now download the golden WhatsApp version V10.46 WhatsApp Gold Omar without updating the APK file on the original version

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Fortunately, you are on the official website of the original WhatsApp Gold 2023 Abu Arab. As well; Golden WhatsApp, WhatsApp, download #Golden WhatsApp 2023 for free, so you do not need to search further to get the best version of WhatsApp Gold

The old WhatsApp Gold, WhatsApp Gold, Golden WhatsApp, WhatsApp Gold against the ban 2023 is a version of the official WhatsApp that has been modified. It is also; (Golden WhatsApp ) Services that are not available in the official WhatsApp Golden Green have been added , as the programmer Abu Arab Whatsapp Gold Abu3rab WhatsApp Gold Abu3rab APK, has added many service functions within WhatsApp Golden 2023!! Like hiding the appearance status and other additions, we will mention them in detail during this article, so follow us to have a complete idea of the official WhatsApp Gold and WhatsApp Yellow.

WhatsApp Gold with a direct link, download WhatsApp Gold, the latest version of Mediafire, download the #Golden WhatsApp 2023, the latest version, the yellow WhatsApp Omar, so far, there is no modified version of WhatsApp better than downloading the # gold whatsapp downloadAPK , as no We forget that you can download WhatsApp Gold 2023 against the ban and without ads for free APK.

WhatsApp Gold, download WhatsApp Gold, whatsapp dahabi, whatsapp gold, WhatsApp Abu Arab 2023 , WhatsApp Gold has three versions in several colors, such as WhatsApp Plus Red, whatsapp gold apk download 2023 for free, WhatsApp Plus Blue, whatsapp gold Blue 2023 and each version of WhatsApp Gold Abu Arab 2023 These versions have great features specific to each version. It is also; And WhatsApp Gold, for the fact that gold whatsapp apk download is the leader so far, because of the simple reason that WhatsApp Gold and WhatsApp Gold from uptodown have new services that enable it to become the most downloaded.

"If you encounter a problem while downloading or updating whatsapp gold, download the #Golden WhatsApp 2023 for free, follow us to the end of the article, and you will get answers to all inquiries related to the original old gold whatsapp apk download application from answers taken by the developers of the official Golden WhatsApp."

Sometimes you need to browse messages without an internet connection, and whatsapp gold download provides you with this ability during disconnection from the internet and work offline.


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