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Hard Reset Tablet Sonivox

Hard Reset Tablet Sonivox

A hard reset, also known as a factory reset, is a process that restores a device to its original settings and erases all user data. A hard reset can be useful if you want to sell your device, fix software issues, or bypass a forgotten password or pattern lock. In this article, we will show you how to perform a hard reset on a Sonivox tablet, which is an Android-based device.

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Things to do before a hard reset

Before you perform a hard reset on your Sonivox tablet, you should back up any important data that you want to keep, such as photos, videos, contacts, and documents. You can back up your data to an external SD card, a computer, or a cloud service such as Google Drive or Dropbox. A hard reset will erase everything from your tablet's internal memory, so make sure you have a copy of your data somewhere else.

How to perform a hard reset on a Sonivox tablet

There are two methods to perform a hard reset on a Sonivox tablet: using the settings menu or using the hardware buttons. The first method is easier and recommended if you can access your tablet normally. The second method is more complicated and required if you cannot access your tablet due to a password or pattern lock, or if your tablet is stuck in a boot loop or does not turn on.

Method 1: Using the settings menu

  • Tap on the Menu icon and select Settings from the Home screen of your Sonivox tablet.

  • Tap on Privacy and select Factory data reset. If you do not see the Factory data reset option under Privacy, tap on Storage instead and look for it there.

  • Uncheck the box next to SD card if you do not want to erase the data from your external SD card. Leave it checked if you want to wipe your SD card along with your tablet.

  • Tap on Reset device and confirm your action by tapping on Erase everything. Your Sonivox tablet will reboot and perform the hard reset.

Method 2: Using the hardware buttons

  • Turn off your Sonivox tablet by pressing and holding the Power button until it shuts down completely.

  • Press and hold the Volume Up button and the Power button at the same time for about 10 seconds until you see the Sonivox logo on the screen.

  • Release both buttons and wait for the Android recovery menu to appear. You can use the Volume buttons to navigate and the Power button to select in this menu.

  • Select Wipe data/factory reset using the Volume Down button and press the Power button to confirm.

  • Select Yes -- delete all user data using the Volume Down button and press the Power button to confirm. This will start the hard reset process.

  • Select Reboot system now using the Volume Up button and press the Power button to confirm. Your Sonivox tablet will restart and complete the hard reset.

Things to do after a hard reset

After you perform a hard reset on your Sonivox tablet, you will need to set it up again as if it were new. You will need to choose a language, connect to a Wi-Fi network, sign in with your Google account, and customize your preferences and settings. You can also restore your backed up data from your SD card, computer, or cloud service if you have any.

A hard reset can solve many problems with your Sonivox tablet, but it also comes with some risks. You should only perform a hard reset when necessary and after backing up your data. If you have any questions or issues with your Sonivox tablet, you can contact their customer service at [this link] or call them at +52 55 4169 3000.


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